Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Visit To The Farmer's Market


Today was a bright sunny day. But there was a lot of smoke in the air. Smoke which made me cough. From all the burning trees.

K brought me to the Farmer's Market today. I was excited because it was my first time in the market. It was a farm, too, also.

There, we got to see my favorite animals like:


Afro chickens.


Horsing around.

and my favourite moo-moos...

We got to moooo-ve it!

There were many and lots of people at the market.

There were many and lots of things you could buy at the market:



Fresh flowers...

And fresh yummy bacon and eggs for breakfast!

We bought some onions. And then some tomatoes. And then some topa..poto...potatoes. They were all expensive. K said because they were organic. What is organic? Does organic mean it tastes better?

Our bag was heavy so we carried it together. Secretly, I let K do most of the work. Ha ha hee!

We then went for brekkie together. At here:

Many and a lot of people had the same idea:

We ended up buying this egg and bacon pizza for breakfast:

This is K. See how she is smiling. This is because she has not yet eaten the pizza.

She stopped smiling after trying the pizza.

It was a very good day today. Sorry to all the chickens for eating their children. Oh, and sorry to the pigs too, also.


Nicole Tan said...

owww dun be sorry to the chicken and pig...hmm shouldn't you be sorry to the cows too?? hehe....been busy but more free now to come "pat" in your who is K??!! haha

LiveByFaith79 said...


mellowdramatic said...

Nicole - Oi, "pat" lah you! Welcome back to the blog... busy with work leh, now you know!

Actually you're right... I should be sorry to the cows... 'cos I actually drank their milk at the same time I had the bacon and egg pizza!

K's my girlfriend... she also ate the bacon and egg pizza, so she's sharing the blame! And I'm sure her latte had some cow milk in it!

Nicole Tan said...

yeah work sucks!!! i miss my care free life..damn!!! wooo got gf already!! congrats boy!

Anonymous said...

girlfriend or girl friend?

are you my brother ah

why never tell me these sorta things? ;P