Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Weekend

It was a weekend of too much indulgence, if you ask me!
Slogging over the carpets in an attempt to steam clean it ourselves. Results = clean carpet with 3 years of dirt removed. Also, musty smelling carpet which has yet to dry properly.
Lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant.
The most amazing durian milkshake hidden away in a corner off the Commonwealth Bank on Victoria Street, Richmond.
Swedish meatballs at IKEA.
Bowling at Highpoint. I haven't bowled in forever, and I still have not lost my touch! Caressing the ball, assuming the position of the serious bowler, and then taking the measured steps to release the ball with the grace of a ballet dancer... into the gutter. Badminton's more my sport (I'm bad at that too).

Celebratory frozen Coke for me and H for winning the bowling competition (soh yan yau soh fook - a Chinese way of saying I accidentally had a good bowling game)
Off to H's house for a game of MarioKart and mahjong. (Mum, I promise that there was no gambling involved. However, there may have been clothes involved. Hahahaha!)

Meeting up with long lost friends returning from the break at church.
Going to lunch at Tartine in Armadale. Quaint little gourmet food shop. My stomach was confused by all the yummy tasting healthy food that we had. For a second time, I am almost converted to a life of vegetarianism. And amazing desserts! Vegetarians must make up for the good karma they earn as a result of not harming animals by eating sinful desserts instead.
K whipping up the homeliest of homecooked dinners with such startling simplicity. I have much to learn to match her domestic goddess status, but I must say I made a pretty mean steamed rice myself.
*releases belt to allow his belly to flop out* Homer Simpson, you've got nothing on me!

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