Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mamma Mia In Movies

I brought her to watch our first movie. It was Notting Hill, and it starred the boyish Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, whose smile could generate solar power. She sat next to me in the dark cinema, and glared intently at the screen, as she did not have many opportunities to go to the movies.

Halfway through the film, Hugh Grant somehow got stuck attempting to scale a gate of a park with Julia, and the cinema laughed. Except for her. I turned my head and her eyes were shut behind her glasses, the brightness of the screen flickering as it illuminated her face.

I complained about it later, and she was sheepish, saying that the cinema was very dark and the seats were really comfortable.

Another chance a few months later, and it was Julia Roberts again - she was on a roll that year - this time as the acerbic single-mother-turned-lawyer Erin Brockovich.

Don't worry! she reassured me as I hastened to remind her of our previous trip to the movies. Mummy do tai chi nowadays, very alert. Sure can stay awake one!

Five minutes into the movie, and there is a rare funny moment. Everyone around the cinema laughs along with me; everyone, that is, except for the seat next to me. I turned, and am too amused at the sight of her being fast asleep again to be upset.

I smile in defeat and turn to enjoy the rest of the movie.

Happy birthday Mummy!

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