Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Road Trip Victoria: Geelong and Anglesea

Dear K,

Remember that time over the Easter weekend when we decided to go for our long drive? Well, it didn't turn out to be a very long drive after all, because by the time we rubbed sleep from our eyes, the sun was already near the peak of its travel in the sky.

The hour-plus drive brought us to the industrial town of Geelong near the sea, and we stopped by the information centre to ask for directions. You wouldn't let me have McDonald's or KFC, which is the reason many people go to Geelong.

We drove by the scenic route into the city, remember? Then we decided to get out and look at the sea. We noticed that there was a path that led down to the wooden pathway by the shore, and then a curious sight greeted us:

(Top left, going clockwise) K joining the queue to see the Wizard of Oz (she wants her boyfriend to have a brain, please); the Scottish bagpiper with nothing much to see under his painted kilt (he had wood); the photographer being photographed (I'm poetic like that); the phake phamily photographed by the phake photographer (I'm poetic like that, I told you).

There was a whole bunch of wooden mannequins beautifully painted scattered along the whole seashore. We laughed at some of them, and took some compromising photographs, which, rest assured, hon, will never make its way to the internet.


(Top left, L-R) A serious looking policeman from the back keeps watch over the beach, ready to administer justice to criminals; only after he has his ice-cream, of course (I'm just surprised it wasn't a doughnut); K standing next to the hunky lifeguards, willing them to give her CPR with their moustached mouths; me subtly ogling some bikini clad female mannequins who have been out here sunbathing (looking pale despite being out here for the past three years); K disapproves of my obvious hamsapness, but was secretly ogling them herself.

It was cute and disturbing all at once, but it made for an interesting walk on a glorious day, didn't it, hon?

We then almost went to this place Go! for lunch (we wanted to try it because it had a quirky menu ie. 12. Froot Loops - most of our staff, really) but it was closed for the Easter weekend.

Ah well, we ended up trawling the modest city centre instead, and ended up having some savoury crepes at this restaurant:

It was crepe, wasn't it, hon?

The food was okay in a mass produced sort of way, although it would have been good to try out the sweet crepes as well. Maybe next time, hon. Maybe next time you'll listen to me and we'll go to KFC or McDonald's instead. Hahaha!

We then drove on to the beautiful little town of Anglesea, where the evening sun had brought families to play in the lake and at the beach. There were paddleboats, canoes and motorboats for hire on the lake, and although you were a little reluctant initially, I finally managed to convince you to hop into a motorboat with me, and to take the wheel:

(Top left, L-R) Canoe tell me which boat to take?; the lake before us dividing as our motorboat chugged through; K the sailor-(wo)man is strong to the finish, 'cos she eats her spinach; me looking relaxed, but actually clinging on for dear life.

Did you remember how fast the boat was, hon? Let's just say if the opening scene of a James Bond movie had him escaping from his enemies on these motorboat, it would have been a thirty-second movie.

(/start Bond movie)

JB: Don't worry, Miss Pussy Galore (best Bond Girl name, ever), we will outrun them on this motorboat.

(Boat chugs): Chugchugchug

*Villains rush to the pier, and shoot JB right between the eyes, simply by extending their arm out and placing their guns directly on his forehead*

cue credits and closing theme

(/end Bond movie)

We then wrapped up the day by walking along the hallowed glow of the Anglesea beach, hon, watching people play cricket or tossing a footy around, with some new lifeguard recruits getting training at the far end of the beach.

(From top, L-R) The surreal sky of Anglesea beach; K looking up, lighting the sky with her smile; me looking up, and for some reason I had brought my orgasm face to the beach; the very brilliantly named cafe in Four Kings.

And then our last souvenir from the day was the really good but expensive soy chai in that cafe in Four Kings, which we thought was cleverly named.
A great day out, hon, and I am glad I got to share it with you.
(P.S. We will go back and try Go! someday, okay? Or the McDonald's. I hear that's really good.)


small k said...

1. I must stop commenting on your blog with such frequency

2. But, I am incredibly juvenile (it's my christian upbringing) and the "orgasm face" reference made me have to do 1. again

the other k

k said...

omg I just reread the fine print. there are way more sexual references than orgasm face. tsk tsk.

See!!! 1. again.

mellowdramatic said...

Hahaha! The other k, it's okay - I really appreciate it when people comment on the blog!

I'm sorry if I have written a bit too crudely on this one... in my defence, however, I am hamsap.


It was 3 a.m. when I wrote this, Your Honour. The defence rests its case.

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