Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Boy Turned Twenty-Nine

Check out the date on this photo. I was only a few days old when I could stand up and smile and give the peace sign like a Japanese tourist. I have aged so much since then, such is the rigours of life in Australia.

I just want to say that I have been really blessed and spoilt this birthday, and that I have been given truly above and beyond what I deserve. I want to thank everyone who has been there to celebrate the last year of my 20th decade, before I venture next year into the vast wilderness that is the 30s. (As you can see, I remain true to my melodramatic roots!)

To those who couldn't be there, thank you for your wishes as well, and for those who are going "Oh shoot, I'd better send him that sms right now!" please be reassured that our friendship and love extends far beyond the pettiness of a missed birthday. :)

Allow me then, to give you a glimpse of the celebrations this year:

We had steamboat over at Hawch's place, which is always a guaranteed fun night out regardless of the occasion. I was actually quite hungry coming into the dinner, and what a glorious spread it was!

Angus was his normal overfriendly self that night, and let's just say he licked K in the most inappropriate places (much to my mock jealousy) and Hawch pretended to have trained him to do so! Hahaha! See the kind of wonderful friends I have!

The steamboat itself was really good, and we overestimated, as usual. We sat down to a session of Wii/Magic (the Gathering) card playing while waiting for midnight, by which time we had vacated enough space for K's amazing white chocolate strawberry cheesecake!

Best. Cheesecake. Ever. Seriously.

A quick performance from my flu-ridden brother, who sang despite his cold (A for effort!) and a really cool gift to follow!

hK finally gets his first digital camera! hK doesn't know what to do with his first digital camera!
It was a beautiful Canon one with image stabiliser, and I was quick to use it! This will really come in useful for a long time to come! Hugs to all for a great night and a cool gift!
This was Sunday night, and my birthday proper was on Monday. K and I were planning a long drive away as she had Monday off, but we decided to take it easy instead, as we had a very late night on Sunday. We went to Mart for lunch and ate well before taking a walk along St Kilda Beach.

Monday night was a little celebratory dinner at the Italian, quite a fancy restaurant which looked nothing like how K and W remember it to be, but the ambience was nice and the food was good! My brother and I decided to dress up for the occasion:

Surprise! Hahaha!

Ah yes, a wonderful 29th birthday indeed. A wonderful thanks to all those who made this a memorable one!
I am loved, and for that, I am thankful.

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