Sunday, February 7, 2010

Your Grandfather's Road

One of the good friends that I got to catch up with this time around was M. We used to share the same classrooms and I can safely say that he was formative in the development of my current sense of humour (ie. the type which gets me slapped by random women. Haha!).

Like all good boys, we went to the science stream and learnt about anatomy and what little chemical molecules did to each other when we weren't looking.

But it is M who has doggedly pursued his dreams of the theatre and film. Where a lot of us were spouting ambitions of becoming a writer or a singer but are now pushing papers or at a computer desk job fighting our colleagues for promotion, M has instead taken charge of his God given destiny.

He has gotten his hands dirty in the entertainment industry, first by picking up roles in local theatre productions and sitcoms, taking up theatre studies in Melbourne (I was privileged to witness some of his early works) and now producing quality films and movies in Malaysia, as was his lifelong ambition.

He is living his dream, with its incumbent days of stress and physical toll on his body, but whenever I see M, he is only a picture of happiness and true passion about his work. You can check out his directing work on this trailer, a miniseries premiered on Astro shot in the style of a movie.

Which is why I have the privilege of introducing Your Grandfather's Road, a Malaysian-first effort where the eventual movie will be based on your ideas and your comments. A movie by the people.

The premise is simple. Every day a story is published and a question is asked. Every day you get to leave your story or memories in the comment box. Later, they will put together your ideas into a script and then shoot the movie.

That's all.

So feel free, my friends, to contribute ideas, and even financially, if you so decide. It's truly your chance to be part of something great.


AnthonyLKK said...

gogo M!

AnthonyLKK said...


mellowdramatic said...

Anthony - Yeah, I am really proud of him... he has done well!

So go to the website, do sign up and type in a few stories of your own!

It is more interesting than (the asses!).