Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Choose The Flowers. Definitely Choose The Flowers.

So I caught fifteen minutes of this Boys Over Flowers thing that has been reported in the comments section two entries ago.

And I have come to this conclusion -

Recipe To Making Success Korean Drama

1. Make no worry about produtions value. People no worry about productions varlue if all actors beautiful pretty handsome.

2. Take impossibrly cute actress. Only one. Or two. Make few boy fight over her. Make not so pretty girl bad. Villain. Make biewer hate ugly person.

3. Few boy must be unnaturaly handsrome as well. No pimples. In Korean, no boys have pimples when puberty. We killll all those pimples boy.

4. Pretty girl must make wear short short school skirt. In case, some old Japanese biewer watching. Appeal big big market.

5. Take impossibrly cute actress. Make her remember sad sad time with unaturaly handsrome old boyfriend. Cry a lot. On shoulder of unaturaly handsrome old boyfriends new girlfriend. Who seem to be understanding. But actually thinking of way to kill impossibrly cute actress. Take shot of new girlfriend evil sideway look eyes.

6. Make new no-pimple boy with dye hair come into picture. Make him almost bad boy by pinning earring on left ear.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Make sure earring left ear. No right ear. Unless you want make new no-pimple boy love unnaturraly handsrome boy. Appeal big big market.

7. Put in some badevil ex-girlfriend (not so pretty cute). Make her turn up at unnaturaly handsrome boy birthday and make him lose face.

8. Mix in pop Korean song. Not so popular in Korea. But outside people no know that. They buy soundtrack lots lots. Especially old Japanese biewer.

9. New no-pimple boy is a bit bad boy. But good heart. And smile that can melt frozen Eskimo Polar Bear's Ice Cream. Finally save impossibrly cute actress from badevil ex-girlfriend or unnaturaly handsrome new boyfriend's new girlfriend with evil sideways look and fall in love. Live happrily ever after. Or until high school ends.

10. If very success. Make sequel. Follow same recipe as above. But use new beautiful pretty handsrome persons. But use same ugly persons. They no so expensive to salary.

With apologies to my friends who have stayed up past their bed times watching the boy with the Most Kissable Lips. Hahahaha!


AnthonyLKK said...

hahaha i totally understand what u mean but dont you think u are mocking the koreans!

pfftt heheh i am a fan of the koreans but not movies like that

but i guess those are twilight or some other sitcoms that captures the younger hearts..

look at JYP and the stars he produce K-Pop like rain...wonder girls...2pm(famous for sorry sorry)..
and i respect the koreans for inovation in tech, industry, entertainment to products...

mellowdramatic said...

Hey, Anthony!

Nope, no intention of mocking the Koreans whatsoever... It was just a reinterpretation of what I actually watched on TV the other day.

The dyed hair guy was so feminine it was creepy... but then again so is the main actor in Twilight! Hahaha! Yeah, we can't win!

Yeah, the Koreans are doing really well now... When will the world start taking to Malaysian soap operas?

LiveByFaith79 said...

Yo dude, there's more to the story n cinematography than the "looks". we don't just go "ga-ga". BOF is a remade from the Taiwanese F4, "Meteor Garden" n the Korean team has brought it into another level. But, I would say that the taiwanese version is more down to earth. The Japanese version is crap. Here I would totally agreed that the actors were chosen because of their looks.... :)

LiveByFaith79 said...

The Korean version added a lot of humor and class into their dramas.

AnthonyLKK said...

then come u watch korean movies one..i have always thought that u are very 'westernised culturally'.

mellowdramatic said...

DC - Ah, fair enough... I must truly watch the whole thing in order to be able to fairly comment on it. The guys are still a little feminine, though! :)

Anthony - No lah, it turned up on NTV 7, so I thought I'd watch fifteen minutes of it lah...

But like all good TV series (Korean, American, Japanese) no teenager has friends with pimples or braces... :)

AnthonyLKK said...

hey u are in Malaysia ? or when did you go back ?



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AnthonyLKK said...

got a forwarded mail from a friend in Adelaide.

Have u heard of this?

mellowdramatic said...

Hi Anthony - Still in Malaysia. Never heard about the film before, but looks like one of those positive thinking New Age ones from the trailer. Might be worth a look, though. Sounds inspirational.

Won't be back in time for the viewing - maybe you can see it and tell me how it goes!

AnthonyLKK said...

hey mate how long you going to be there? since when u are there ha?

sorry la kepoh a bit ya hehehe

mellowdramatic said...

Wow, Anthony, that must go into the records as the fastest reply ever (for this year, at least!)

I'll be here till end of the month. Makan like crazy, got to go to Genting as well! (like the good old days!)

AnthonyLKK said...

good on ya mate...such long holiday i presume u were there since christmas?

Yea eat more! chicken rice! nasi lemak, papadams that dont cost 10 fucking oz dollars. lol

k said...


I've been LIVING in my office so just saw this. LOL

I love Boys Over flowers, and going to reward myself this weekend cos I'll actually get past Ep 15!

And I love the guy with dyed hair!
Love him, you hear me! she says, stamping her foot.

Sigh, he's too sweet..I'm soooooo sad he didn't get the girl.

Plus, Jan loves it tooo - as a result of BOF she only wants to date Korean guys.

You have to watch the WHOLE series, it gets better. And yeah Geum Jan Di is super cute! It's entirely act cute inducing :D

mellowdramatic said...

small k - Hiya! I was wondering when the stamped foot would arrive! Hahaha!

I am truly surprised that the boy with the dyed hair/most kissable lips did not get the girl in the end!:O! Really!?!

I am now curious enough to want to watch BOF, but I am afraid that like Jan, I might only want to date Korean boys exclusively as well!

(Karen + o = Korean? AHA!)

Anonymous said...

Thank u :-) you should look at that emo boy style at this blog:

k said...

HAHAHA very LAME HK..does Karen want to be Korean?

you need to do another BOF post so I don't have to scroll down to this one,

AND, are you mocking me! I really was/am rooting for them to get tog..ohsoSAD. she toooootally made the wrong choice imho.

AND he's such a nice guy in real life too! like, so sayeth all the fan forums (don't worry I'm not yet at the stage of writing fan fic)

BUT if anyone ever asks the 'what would you do if you win a million dollars' question again I'd say "Make them remake the BOF ending!"

mellowdramatic said...

k - Yeah, it's getting difficult scrolling to the bottom for comments now!

Okay, I will not stand in the way of you rooting for the dyed hair pretty boy... although I suspect you're going to need your nails really sharp to fend off all the other screaming high school girls!

And a million dollars to remake BOF ending? Judging by the production values... what are you going to do with the remaining 999,900 dollars?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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