Thursday, May 28, 2009

Of Love, In Its Own Terms

Do you have friends, especially couples who annoy the heck out of you when they act all cutesy and lovey in front of you?

There is a flurry of exchanges of 'honeybunny' or 'sweetiepie' or any other nauseating cute names that lovers dig up for each other because, somehow, calling each other by their given names was no longer good enough. (Take that, parents who took all the time to come up with a name for your child!)

I remember a time when I was on the outside looking in, and whenever I heard lovers call out to each other using their private names, my gag reflex would be activated and I would silently (or blatantly) snicker at these couples.

Only now, looking from the other side and guilty of the very same atrocities, can I begin to try and understand this need for the terms of endearment.

I am reminded of this clip from the wonderful Steve Martin's LA Story, both quirky and poignant at once. It shows his character, Harris, finally getting together with Sara (played by the ethereal Victoria Tennant) after pursuing her for most of the film.

(P.S. Just realised the clip won't play. You can watch it here.)

This scene, all at once magical and fantastic, truly spoke to me. It shows how two people, in the security of their love for one another, are safe and free to be like children once more in each other's presence.

And thus, these terms of endearment, while too saccharine and vomit-inducing to the ears of the outside world, makes perfect sense in the vernacular of lovers.

Of course, the love will mature and take different forms down the years, and perhaps we will all shed the tender names for each other, but just for right now, I choose to enjoy it.


LiveByFaith79 said...

ahh... welcome to a whole new world..:) u are one step up the chart..:)

Anonymous said...

Aiyah. You only get to act like children three times. When you're really a child, when you're in the throes of love, and when you're old and senile. So enjoy it while you're still continent!

Your beloved sis (who will not be caught dead using terms of endearment-yet)

small k said...

I have nothing pseudo-intelligent to say, only haha awww ;)

"throes" is a weird word. it's like a cross between throat and toes.

mellowdramatic said...

DC - Hmm... one step up the chart eh? Not particularly sure how many steps there are to climb!

GCLK - Thanks for painting that wonderful picture, and I can't wait until I'm senile and incontinent so that I can act like a child again! Hahaha!

Little k - Welcome back! I take it that Phuket was quite the phantastic place it was phabled to be! And the only thing between my throat and toes right now is my phat tummy!

LiveByFaith79 said...

HAllooo.. u ve got internet... hellooooooooooo... heard u be back.. :) when?

mellowdramatic said...

DC - I'll be back on the weekend of the 3rd to the 5th of July, but your brother's free to stay over at my place still! :)