Friday, November 27, 2009

Basel. Paris. London.

Finally, the trip to Europe has arrived!

It has been a really interesting year off, of which the highlights include:

1) Journeying together with Karen - I am blessed to have spent this year with Karen discovering old and new things about each other and making new friends along the way! Who would have thought that we would have come this far from a simple badminton game all those months ago! And at the risk of being soppy (readers, please avert your eyes if easily nauseated) Beebee, I love you!

2) Travelling - both for work and pleasure. I wanted to have marked off all the states in Australia by the end of this year, but I have only managed half - Brisbane, Adelaide and New South Wales, which leaves Perth, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Canberra!

It has been a good time working in both M. and K., though, and making like-minded new friends along the way.

And saying hello again to hospitable friends whom I have not seen in years, of course!

3) Visits from friends and family to Melbourne - this year has seen an unparalleled number of visits from overseas friends and family, with Mum and Grace coming from Malaysia, and friends from a whole host of countries and interstate - Perth, Brisbane, London, Singapore, Switzerland and New Zealand.

4) Personal development - I can now spell the whole alphabet from A to W. (D'oh!)

Man, I am not sure how much I have grown as a person, but I'd like to believe I have matured a little bit more this year, having seen quite a few things both personally and professionally. It is the stories of my friends that remind me of who I am, and also teach me the lessons to help me through this life. I thank God for everything that I have been allowed to taste this year, both the bitter and the sweet.

It has truly been a deeply fulfilling year, and I carry so many stories with me that this blog will not possibly hold, which I can't wait to share with you when I see you.

To all my friends, family and readers, thank you for journeying with me and reading my blog. It means a lot to me to be able to walk together with all of you. Pray for us as we travel to the different countries, and wrap up this year with a bit of restful relaxation.

I love you all, truly I do.


doopy said...

hehe. reminds me of a line in a recent Chinese movie that says "a grown man who's acting soppy and not embarrassed by it means he's in love". am happy for you. :)

wow! u can cover the other half of the country by the end of next year. there's still time i'm sure.

am hoping to visit Melbourne one day. would love to meet up with whoever who's there too although Nicole would kill me if I didn't at least stop over at Sydney. :P

glad to know you felt that you've matured (by your standards) a little more. but it's more fun not to be, eh? hehe.

have a good trip and take care.

AnthonyLKK said...

have a good trip chap!

Nicole said...

wow have a good trip heng khuen..why isn't sydney part of this huh?

haha atleast hui yee remembered me and my killing power..hahahahas

mellowdramatic said...

Doopy - Hiya! Wow, it has been a long time, eh?

Yeah, it has been a good year of learning to love and doing quite a bit of maturing, although the little boy in me still springs out in surprise very often. More often than the adult, actually. :)

Yeah, do come by - it will be good to show you a bit of Melbourne, and yes, Nicole's killing powers have not waned, she will kill you all the way from Sydney hahaha!

Anthony - Thanks, man! It has been good so far... The legs can't take much more walking though, can die!

Nicole - Thanks, Nicole! We were in Sydney transiting for all of forty minutes - not enough time to reach you... Let's just hope your killing power doesn't go across continents!

Manesh said...

wawaweewah! have fun my friend. :)

jess said...

hey khuen!

your sister forced me to read ur blog :P haha kidding, altho after the initial difficulty of actually getting d darn address right, its great :P Happy New Year!

mellowdramatic said...

Un - Can you send me your number again? I've lost my phone, and it would be good to catch up!

Jess - Hello and welcome to the blog! Good seeing you today at church, and hope to catch up more soon! (Hopefully it wouldn't necessitate another mutual friend's wedding!)