Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ben's Wedding

Random Memories: Fourteen Years Old

"So you know lah, I've got a new girlfriend all now," he said to me one day in class.

Ben had sat next to me for the whole year that year, and had watched me and consoled me in my tears after the whole World Cup Betting Scandal of 1994 in my school.

"So that day right, my mother so funny you know."

"She was standing at my bedroom door and looking at me lah. Then you know what she say ah? 'Ben, now that you got girlfriend, ah, don't love mummy anymore lah!' So funny lah she! So I mah stand up and go and hug her lor!'

'You'll always be the number one, Mum! Huh huh!'"

Ben laughed his trademark chuckle, and his boyish faced lit up, and you could see both the boy newly in love, and the good son trying to reassure his mother of his love for her.


Congratulations to both Ben and Angie on their wedding!

Ben (who occasionally reads my blogs) it has been an absolute pleasure growing up with you, sharing in your easygoing attitude towards life and laughing at your jokes all these years!


Raj Santhana said...

Still on the betting scandals of 94 ahh?

small k said...

o gosh, betting scandals.. that sounds interesting :)

mellowdramatic said...

Rajes - Yeah... who can get over those good times, man! Hahaha! I can't believe Mr. Wong Seng Gay meted out my punishment!

small k - Yeah, I am a regular James Dean, all right. I'm a baaadd boyyy... Hahaha!

Raj Santhana said...

For 50cents?! You were sooo bad alright!

mellowdramatic said...

Raj - don't lah give away the story... make me look a bit tougher mah!

(Not so) Bad Boy For Life,

Benjamin Lim said...

Heng Khuen, my old friend. Thank you for the well wishes. I hope you had a great time that night. So where are you now? We should do lunch or something. Just to catch up. ;)

mellowdramatic said...

Ben - Of course I had a great time that night!

It was a great reunion, beautiful company and good food, and the wedding of one my very good friends from school so it was a great combination!

Just looked at your blog again - you don't go and 'tieu' here 'tieu' there ah! Hahaha! That was funny!

Back in Melbourne now lah, buddy... I'll let you know when I'm down in Malaysia/Singapore again lah!

Hope you're enjoying the bliss of wedded life! Ambushers for life!